Graphic Novel in Progress

Here are a few sample pages (in no particular order) from a graphic novel I'm working on. It's a humorous horror story that takes place in a small Southern town. It's somewhat gruesome, but there's no gratuitous violence—i.e., I only show chopped up bodies and viscous globs of spewing blood if they advance the story line and/or develop the protagonist's character arc. Click on any image to open the slideshow.


A cartoon inspired by the "thigh gap" obsession among teenage girls. Click on the first picture to read it.


I'm participating in and helping to organize Dadsville, a dad-themed comics anthology. These are definitely some of the most detailed drawings I have ever done—which they had to be, as the piece is about a dad's basement hoard. It was written by my friend Phil Gable, whose work you can see at

Coffeetime Comic

Cartoon I drew over breakfast after a wedding in Palm Springs—pencil, ink, hotel stationery, coffee drops. Just click on the first image to read it.

A Minute for Obama

This is my first comic book and a true story. It chronicles my work as an NYC grassroots fundraiser during the run up to the 2008 election. Readers have told me that it captures the feeling of that election season and takes them right back to that time. My opinion of Obama has changed somewhat (or maybe a whole #$%#$% heck of a lot) since 2008, but I guess he's not as bad as "the other guy." Or maybe he is. Who even knows anymore? Anyway, just click on the first picture to read it.